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 Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe)

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Elizabeth Robson

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Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe) Empty
PostSubject: Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe)   Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe) EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 6:23 pm

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Species: Eevee
Ability: No elemental abilities, as this is an RP and not the game I suspect listing PP and damage for tackle would seem a bit non-sensical, no?
Appearance: Elizabeth is first and foremost well groomed, obviously keeping up a rather strict set of habits that mean the petite female pokemon's fur shines in almost any light condition. She has fur in keeping with the tradition of all eevee's with the brown coat dappled cream for her ruff and tail. Her soft amber eyes have a slightly misty quality to them, most likely caused by the unstability of her species more than anything. Past that Elizabeth is often found wearing clothing, insistently smart and up to date with fashion it is rare to see her decide to lose her clothing or jewelry and she often reacts negatively to those who would wish her to do so.
Personality: Bubbly and slightly innocent of the way things work, Elizabeth is easily lead on until she finds a reason to not follow, which given her mental state is most focused on fashion more than anything often takes her a long while. While not dumb this slow mindedness does often mean that she is the last to laugh at jokes, leaving her somewhat known for not having a sense of humor. Inspite of this claim she does still enjoy jokes and laughing about, provided it doesn't leave too many wrinkles.
History:Elizabeth was for the most part caught with a silver spoon in her mouth. A rare and expensive gift to a well to do families daughter Elizabeth prior to the change served much more as a pet than a competitive fighter, often acting in much the same capacity as an energetic lapdog. However, as her owner grew older and older into teenage years she began to find less interest in Elizabeth, instead drifing to the usual thoughts of boys and clothing. To Elizabeth the change was a highly welcome thing, as her increased sentience and humanoid form allowed her to connect again with her owner, now as a friend to support her as opposed to a pet.

With the new anthro region Elizabeth reluctantly followed her fellow anthros to the new land. Her skills helping to re-fit dresses for her owner soon landed her a prominent role in the emerging fashion industry even if her obessession with covering certain parts of pokemon were deemed a little old fashioned she was still considered a key member in establishing Ikis Jewelry, one of the biggest emerging designer brands in the new region.

This combined with various other ventures and the occassional personal tailoring job affords Elizabeth a more than comftable life. Her main issue is lonliness, as Elizabeth never felt a connection to other pokemon, even prior to the change she spent the majority of her time purely with her owner and as a result is not the most competently social individual. Indeed it's rumored that she now spends most of her time calling her owner over in the older region when she should well be working.
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Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe)   Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe) EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 6:36 pm

Looks fine to me. i accept your character into the world. Hope to rp with you soon
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Elizabeth - Char(mander? No, don't be silly, maybe)
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