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 Snow's Characters.

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Snow's Characters.  Empty
PostSubject: Snow's Characters.    Snow's Characters.  EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 7:40 pm

Name: Elie
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Growlithe
Ability: Flash Fire
Appearance: He looks like a normal Growlithe but has a few distinct markings. First off is the work "ELIE" tattooed on his right upper arm. His head fur is a bit more wild looking. thus giving him the illusion of hair. He doesn't usually wear clothes.
Personality: A lazy, yet loyal friend and companion. He defends what he believes in and will fight to the death and do everything he can to protect his friends.
History: He was born in the Kanto region. After that he got lost while exploring away from his house. Then he has drugged and taken to a testing facility. There scientists conducted many tests off all kinds. After some time had passed, the scientists had put him to sleep again. As was customary with tests that involved his body. Upon waking up he found that he had been turned into a human-pokemon cross. For some reason he was told that he would be set free, Elie didn't think so cause he was knocked out again. Waking up he found himself on a ship. After investigating he found he was headed for the Anthro Pokemon (or Pkemorph) island of Kantinnoenn.


Name: Flamethrower
PP: 20
Damage: 95
Element: Fire
Effect: has a chance to burn the opponent.
Description: he claps his hands together once, then can either have the attack emit from his paws or breath it like a roar.

Name: Flame Wheel
PP: 30
Damage: 45
Element: Fire
Effect: Has a chance to burn the opponent.
Description: He swings a clenched fist around in a circle above his head. His hand then becomes encased in fire which rapidly spreads over his whole body. He then bicycle kicks the enemy.

Name: Houka Hibana (Fire Spark)
PP: 5
Damage: 120
Element: Fire
Effect: Has the chance of burning the enemy and leveling the area.
Description: He starts it out like Flame Wheel but then opens his hand once he is encased in fire. Clapping them together he sends out a plus shaped fire at the enemy. Or he can send it down like a lightning bolt to burst the enemy into flames. In this form it's impossible to avoid, back can still be blocked.
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Snow's Characters.
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